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High Quality Products

Each Healthy Roots Hemp product is batch tested and labeled so each product is as good as your last.

Family Owned & Operated

Healthy Roots Hemp is a family owned company based in Portland, Oregon with our own patent pending formula.

Handmade Products

Our bath and beauty products are handmade in our facility by our friends, family and teammates.

Yep, we actually play in dirt.

Healthy Roots Start with Healthy Soil.

Healthy Roots Hemp Products come from our Healthy Roots Farm right down the road from our family owned production facility.  We’re cultivators that turned to the plant as our higher calling when we realized its power to heal so many people.  Our products are made with love by our neighbors, friends and family right here in Oregon.  Each product is tested and labeled in batches so you can trust that each bottle you buy will be as good as the last.  

Our Products!

Bath Bombs

These fragrant bath bombs aren't just for amazing smelling baths. They are a combination of aromatherapy botanicals to create a soothing bath for sore muscles or a good nights rest.

Topical Relief

Deep relief is minutes away! Awaken your skin to its fullest natural potential with a powerful blend of organic full spectrum and natural ingredients. Scented with an aroma of fruity honeydew and cucumber.

Shop All Bath & Body

Our line of bath and body products is enriched with our organic full spectrum to offer relief from a variety of every day discomforts. Self care is even more important these days!

Root Butter

Our absolute fan favorite for a reason. Root Butter is a luxurious, silky, melt on your skin muscle rub that smells like warm heaven and feels even better. Find out what everyone is raving about. Snag a sample today!

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